Glotin Staples, Silver 47mm (limit of 10 total) Currently Backordered

John Ferrillo will be returning to France in October 2017, after which we anticipate having a new inventory of silver staples.  Our customers would do well to know that he uses brass staples just as often as, if not more than our silver staples. Linda Strommen at Indiana University uses exclusively our brass staples as well. Based on the incredibly high standards of these two oboists, you can be assured that our brass staples are excellent.

We have a very good development in our product line.  This past May, John Ferrillo made a special trip to the offices of the Glotin company East of Paris to consult about a run of tubes specially fitted to the Magic Mandrel.  Over the years this mandrel, made in the late 60's by Glotin, has been a good gyroscope - the opening at the top has a lovely elliptical shape- not too round, not to small, not too large.  This is needed to create the Goldilocks situation where the tubes are not so large as to cause noise and sharpness, and not so small as cause choked, flat upper registers. We have them both in silver and brass and they are 47mm in length. At the moment, there is a limit of 10 tubes (silver, brass or a mix) per customer, but we hope to lift this limit sometime soon. Next...   coming soon to an HDR distributor near you...  matching Glotin mandrels!!!

John Ferillo


Price: $5.75

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